$99.00 USD

AVION M1 - the most budget hookah stick, made from 321 medical stainless steel and German food grade polyacetal (base material). Why M1: - Unique mini-hookah with vertical purge; - can be used at home or in lounges and bars.

Specifications: - Total Height: 35 cm; - Hookah base height: 19 cm; - Stem diameter: 1.3 cm; - Plate diameter: 16 cm; - Branded hookah mouthpiece length: 30 cm; - Silicone hose soft touch length: 150 cm.
Recommendations for use: Like any food appliance, it is necessary to disassemble hookah and wash after use. We recommend to use specialized brushes, water and gentle detergents without abrasive or aggressive acids. These substances can lead to deterioration of polishing. To maintain shine it is enough to wipe metal surface with simplest alcohol based cleaners for glass or metal. Following these rules, hookahs will last a very long time as the service life is not limited.