$99.00 USD

The Kaloud® Aeolis® Cyris® Hookah Hose has a Black and Silver weave with an Maple Wood Handle and Brown Colored Stainless Steel Metal Parts. Platinum Cured Silicone - The hose is antibacterial so those nasty little microbes won't find an easy home here.

Easy to Pass - No more fumbling around, the handle rotates and so you can pass with ease.

Durability - The Aeolis hose is made using high grade stainless steel and solid wood, so treat her well and she'll last a very long time, but as always, we stand behind our products, and are here if there are issues with your purchase.

Beauty - We believe beauty is fundamental to an excellent experience and so these hoses will be among the most beautiful available.

Unrestricted - The inner diameter is among the widest in the market and so pull in those sweet sweet clouds to your heart's content.

We Got You - A tip and adapter come standard with every hose so you can use it with almost any Hookah on the market.